Tinnitus Pills

Many adults experience an unwanted ringing in the ears (tinnitus). For some, that sound can become so overwhelming that it makes it hard to go through daily life. Naturally, they’ll do anything looking for tinnitus relief. A quick internet search for “tinnitus pills” yields more than a half million listings. These pills costing anywhere from $20-$40 per month or more offer promises of relief with words like “miracle” and “money-back”.

Currently there are no drugs or supplements that provide proven tinnitus relief. The FDA has not approved tinnitus pills, nor is one even in clinical trial. Tinnitus itself is still a medical mystery no medical cure to stop the ringing sensation. However if you are one of the 45 million Americans experiencing tinnitus there is effective tinnitus treatment available.
Extensive tinnitus research has uncovered a few known facts:
Hearing loss is present in more than 90% of cases

People exposed to excessive loud noises are more prone to develop tinnitus

Sound therapy has been proven to provide relief to tinnitus symptoms.
Dr. Jacobson and I have thorough training in the field of tinnitus and hearing. We follow a tinnitus treatment plan that can effectively manage the effects of tinnitus in most patients. If you are someone that struggles with unwanted ringing in the ears, and want true tinnitus relief, contact us for a consultation.