Meet our Team

Dr. Bill Holzhaeuser

Dr. Bill Holzhaeuser

Dr. Bill Holzhaeuser is a caring hearing professional and the owner of Ashland Audiology. As an active member of the Ashland community, Dr. Bill is committed to providing exceptional care for patients of all ages.

Dr. Amy Jacobson
Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Amy Jacobson

Dr. Amy Jacobson joined our Ashland Audiology family in June after graduating in May with her Doctorate of Audiology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Audiology program.

About Ashland Audiology

Ashland Audiology uses best practices policies to assure that all patients are treated with the latest peer-reviewed data.  We work closely with the medical community to assure that all medically related hearing loss is appropriately diagnosed and treated.  Ashland Audiology is also the referral source for the Memorial Medical Center newborn hearing screening program.

Our Vision

Ashland Audiology Team

Dr. Bill finds satisfaction with helping people hear.  The reason he is an Audiologist is summarized in this statement,

“As humans, we have the wonderful gift of communication. It is sad when a person misses out on the sharing of thoughts and stories because of an untreated hearing loss. I want to be able to help.”

We provide assistance to suit all types of hearing needs and life styles. Preventing hearing loss is also an integral part of our service.

Ashland Audiology

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