Age Related Hearing Loss

Hearing loss and aging often go hand-in-hand. Age related hearing loss has also been linked to several other conditions commonly treated as we age. Those dealing with heart disease, diabetes, memory loss, sleep apnea and depression have a higher incidence of hearing loss. If you or someone close to you is being treated for any of these issues, it is wise to have a thorough hearing evaluation.

Age-related hearing loss, or presbycusis, is as not uncommon. It is the cumulative effect of aging on hearing and is a condition seen in nearly half of the people over 75. Both ears are typically affected and both ears can be treated independently, according to one’s needs. When not treated, research shows a higher risk of developing depression, memory loss and dementia.

Common signs of age related hearing loss:

  • Women’s and children’s voices are difficult to make out clearly
  • You turn up the volume loud enough to bother others around you
  • Difficulty hearing in crowded environments like restaurants
  • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves
  • Problems hearing clearly when more than one person is speaking
  • Needing to see a person to hear him/her well
  • The sounds s and th may be hard to tell apart

Studies show that it takes someone with hearing loss an average of seven years to take action from the time they initially suspect some loss. Do yourself and your family and friends a favor – Don’t be part of that statistic. Keep your quality of life as high as possible by getting your hearing checked today. Treatment for presbycusis is simple. A clinical evaluation will determine what degree and type of hearing loss you have. If your hearing loss is age related, we’ll prescribe hearing aids best suited to your loss, listening environments and budget. Call us today to get your hearing evaluation and assessment. Don’t let hearing loss slow you down.

Hearing Loss