Professional Hearing Services

Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

At Ashland Audiology, we understand how important your ability to hear is to the communication you have with others. That’s why we offer a number of valuable hearing services for patients of all ages. Whether you have a child that is exhibiting signs of hearing loss or you are ready for a new pair of hearing aids yourself, our audiologist is ready to help you take control of your hearing health by providing the following services to our patients: 

Hearing aid services

Hearing aid services include repairs, tests, consultations, adjustments and more. Ashland Audiology handles the initial appointment and all of the follow-ups associated with the hearing aids. Our professionals are up to date with the latest technology in the industry so that patients receive the best device to fit their particular needs. And we're with you every step of the way, including any adjustments you may need, as well as cleaning and maintenance tips.

Pediatric audiometry

Pediatric audiometry is an evaluation tool used to test patients in the six to 30-month range. It is a painless sound test to verify the source of left and right sounds. Two speakers are clearly marked so that when they guess the correct direction, it is easy to identify. The final results of the test give our audiologists a good idea of hearing loss in both ears. 

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Complete hearing care

Maximizing a patient’s hearing potential is only a part of the clinic’s duties. Ashland Audiology focuses on the long-term hearing health of all patients. That includes a comprehensive test, follow-ups, educational materials and hearing aid customization. 

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Electrophysiological evaluations

Electrophysiological evaluations test auditory functions that prioritize communication. Language, speech, reading and learning are all parts of auditory functions. The evaluation can uncover many physical and mental ailments caused by auditory function problems. 

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Hearing aid repairs

When regular maintenance doesn’t fix hearing aids, they can be brought into the clinic for repair. Minor repairs are done onsite so that patients don’t have to swap to loaner hearing aids. Major repairs require sending the device to the manufacturer under warranty. 

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Earwax removal

Removing built-up earwax can restore normal hearing. Doctors have the option of using a curet, suction or irrigating the ears with water. If recommended, there is even a choice to use professionally recommended home ear cleaning kits.  

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Tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus can be chronic or temporary. There are multiple permanent treatments for temporary tinnitus. For the chronic type, there is no proven cure. But there are treatment options to help patients live with the condition.

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Hearing evaluation

Hearing evaluations are different for each individual. They make up a range of carefully selected tests that determine the severity of hearing loss in both ears, and possible treatment options. If enough information is gathered, the hearing evaluation can also find out the cause of hearing loss. 

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Pediatric tympanometry

Pediatric tympanometry is one of two ways for doctors to test the middle ear function of younger patients.  It searches for a perforated eardrum, fluid or wax as the cause. This is a painless procedure that inserts a pressurized probe into both ears.

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