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Audiologist or Hearing Aid Specialist? What's the Difference?

Audiologist or Hearing Aid Specialist? What's the Difference?

When it comes to your hearing, many qualified professionals can offer their assistance. If you suffer from hearing loss and need hearing aids, then you’ll likely encounter either an audiologist or hearing aid specialist. The question is, what are the differences between these professions?

Firstly, both audiologists and hearing aid specialists are trained and skilled individuals. They both have their uses, but the services they can provide are different. Below, we offer more details on how these professions differ:

What can a hearing aid specialist do for you?

A hearing aid specialist is a qualified individual that can offer a small variety of services. Primarily, they’re here to help with hearing loss. They can test your hearing, test your hearing and recommend different hearing aids. 

As their title suggests, they have plenty of knowledge of hearing aids. As well as providing you with details on all the options out there, they can also fit the hearing aids for you. If you have any problems with your hearing aids, then you can go to them for assistance as well. 

What can an audiologist do?

An audiologist is capable of everything that a hearing aid specialist is capable of, and more. They undergo more training that hearing aid specialists, which qualifies them to work with a broad range of people and offer a wider range of services. 

So, they can still offer comprehensive hearing examinations, provide hearing aids, and fit the devices for you. But, they can also offer different treatments as well. Hearing loss isn’t the only issue that might affect your hearing. If you suffer from a build-up of hardened earwax, then an audiologist has the qualifications to remove it professionally. 

Audiologists are also able to treat tinnitus in a variety of ways. This is a condition that causes persistent ringing in your ears. Your audiologist can examine your ears and determine the cause of tinnitus and how to treat it. Hearing aid specialists can’t do this, as they only focus on hearing loss and hearing aids. 

What are the main differences between the two?

Of course, there’s a big difference in the services on offer. As we’ve shown above, an audiologist can offer a more diverse range of hearing health services. Effectively, if you have problems with your ears – and you don’t know if they’re related to hearing loss or not – then an audiologist is the best person to turn to. 

This isn’t the only difference between professions – there are differences with regards to who they can treat as well. Typically, a hearing aid specialist will only be qualified to treat the general adult population. In essence, this means they treat people above the age of 18, who don’t suffer from any disabilities. By comparison, and audiologist can treat everyone. They can treat the mainstream adult population, but they’re also qualified to treat children, infants, people with mental disabilities, and anyone who requires more specialized hearing testing.

There are educational differences as well. Hearing instrument specialists are required to complete a certification program, while audiologists must complete advanced-level degrees at college. This is mainly because hearing aid specialists are trained in how the device works, the fitting and repairs, while an audiologist also studies the anatomy of the ear, allowing them to diagnose a wide range of ailments.

Do you need an audiologist or a hearing aid specialist?

Generally speaking, if you suffer from hearing problems, then it makes more sense to see an audiologist. This is simply because they can offer a more thorough service for you. You’ll know that you can book an appointment and get results right away, in addition to the prompt treatment you need, whether it includes earwax impaction or hearing aids.

Also, if you have other concerns beyond hearing loss, then an audiologist is the only person to help you with them. 

Both professions have important roles in the world of hearing care. However, it’s important to know the differences, so you book an appointment with the right care provider. 

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