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Guide to Troubleshooting Your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids can have problems, just like any technology. But while you can survive without your phone for a while, no one wants to be without functioning hearing aids for longer than is necessary. If you're experiencing problems with your hearing aids, getting them fixed as soon as possible is essential. Fortunately, many issues can be simple to fix. There are some things that you can correct yourself, and for anything else, you can use the services provided by an audiologist to repair any problems. Here's how you can troubleshoot any issues that you're having with your hearing aids.

Common issues with hearing aids

Hearing aids can present a range of common problems. You might find that your hearing aids aren't giving out any sound or that the sound is distorted. You could experience some strange noises, like whistling, clicking and other sounds or feedback. Sometimes your hearing aids might not be loud enough, and you could find that you need to turn up the volume more than usual. Many of these issues have simple fixes, which you can easily take care of yourself. By ruling out the most common causes, you'll know whether you need professional repairs.

Clean your hearing aids

Cleaning your hearing aids can often help you to solve any problems that you're having. Wax, dust and dirt can build up on different parts of your hearing aids and create issues with the sound. The microphone and the sound outlet could be blocked, so gently wiping them down can help if you're not getting enough or any sound from your hearing aids. Cleaning the battery contacts in your hearing aids can also be helpful. It might help if you are experiencing distorted sound. Opening and closing the battery compartment helps to clean corroded battery contacts.

Check the settings

When your hearing aids aren't working, checking the settings might solve the problem. Firstly, you should take a look at the volume to make sure that you haven't turned it down too low. It's a simple fix but a problem that you can easily come across. You might also find that you can simply switch programs or memories on your hearing aids to get them working the way that you want to. Your audiologist might also be able to change some settings for you if you need to make some changes.

Replace the batteries

A lot of problems with your hearing aids can be solved by simply changing the batteries. Corroded batteries and those running low on power can cause issues for your hearing aids, from distorted sound to no sound at all. Replacing the batteries should be one of the first things that you try when something is wrong. If you find that your batteries don't last long, there are several ways to extend their life. Make sure you leave them to activate after removing the tab and before you put them into your hearing aids. Buying the right hearing aid batteries can make a difference too, so try out some different brands.

Take your hearing aid for repairs

It's not always possible to fix your hearing aid problems yourself. If the most obvious fixes don't work for you, it can be tempting to try to repair your hearing aids yourself. But before you reach for a screwdriver and open them up, be aware that you could end up causing more damage. The smartest thing to do is to leave any repairs for your hearing aids up to professionals. You can take your hearing aids to your audiologist or repair center to have them fixed instead of trying to do it yourself.

Get a hearing test

Sometimes, it might not exactly be your hearing aids that are causing a problem for you. If things are sounding strange or you can't seem to turn the volume up loud enough, it could be that your hearing aids are no longer right for you. You might need to change the settings, or you could need new hearing aids altogether. To find out if it's your hearing that has changed, get a hearing test from your audiologist. It's always a good idea to have regular checks and keep an eye on your hearing.

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