Professional Hearing Services

Complete Hearing Care

Appropriate hearing aids are selected based on the patient’s hearing loss, life style requirements and budget. The cost of the hearing aids varies greatly depending on the patient’s hearing loss and technology requirements. Hearing rehabilitation is a process and not a single event. Follow-up care is needed to ensure your ongoing success with new hearing aids.


  • Hearing aid with manufacturer’s warranty (1-4 years)
  • Electro-acoustic analysis
  • Speech Mapping
  • Earmold if needed
  • Initial supply of batteries (Ask about our Battery Club)
  • Validation (COSI, APHAB or other benefit assessment tool)
  • Hearing aid clean and check (up to 4 visits annually)
  • Tubing change
  • Auditory training as needed

Complete Hearing Care Ashland Audiology

Under our complete hearing care, the charges for the hearing aids include follow-up services. There are no extra charges (except for batteries) during the length of the original or extended warranty.  There is comfort in knowing that follow-up services throughout the life of the hearing aid are at no extra charge.


Each day we dedicate at least one hour for people who are having acute problems with their hearing aids. During the walk-in clinic our staff will clean and check your hearing aids and perform routine minor repairs while you wait in the lobby. Often a simple cleaning is need for hearing improvement. We will also be able to determine if the source of the problem requires a more extensive service. We will serve your hearing aids at the walk in clinic at no cost to you even if your hearing aids were purchased at another facility. We also have a loaner program should your hearing aid need to be sent to the original manufacture for a major repair. We want to make sure you stay in the hearing world even when your hearing aid may need work. Check our Schedule for the Walk in Clinic.