Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids is provides a range of new technologies and models that improve the hearing experience for our patients.With its Zen technology, Widex products emit a soothing noise to
help manage tinnitus symptoms. Regardless of your degree of hearing loss, budget or comfort level utilizing technology, Widex has a hearing solution perfect for you.

Widex Unique family of hearing aids available at Ashland AudiologyWidex UNIQUE™ Provides patients with a broader range of sound experience regardless of where you are or what you are doing. the UNIQUE is known for its exceptional wind noise reduction system, a popular feature for people that enjoy outdoor activities in northern Wisconsin. It automatically adapts to your listening environment to help you hear what is most important to you. 

widex.product_SUPER_VS_1600x1067Widex SUPER offers patients with a more profound hearing loss a powerful yet discrete hearing aid. Excellent sound clarity free from distortion. Weather resistant, these hearing aids are meant to help you stay active in all weather conditions.

Widex has excellent options for children and patients with single sided deafness. Ashland Audiology will help you select the right hearing aid to meet your lifestyle, budget and degree of hearing loss.