Professional Hearing Services

Earwax Removal

Our audiologists are trained and licensed to remove significant earwax from a person’s ear canal.  The three techniques used by hearing health care professionals include instrument removal, suction or aspiration, and irrigation. Audiologists and Otolaryngologists generally prefer suction and instruments whereas many family practice physicians utilize irrigation. Dr. Bill and Dr. Amy use a magnified loupe with a bright light along with instruments and suction to remove the excess earwax.

Earwax is the single most frequent cause of hearing aid failure. As a result, it is a matter of concern to most hearing aid users. Use of hearing instruments or earplugs may interfere with the natural exit of cerumen (earwax) from the ear canal by pushing it inward with each insertion. Thus, the ears should be periodically checked for cerumen buildup that can be professionally removed.

If you experience a rapid buildup of earwax that requires more frequent cleaning, we can advise you how to best manage your cerumen. Each person usually requires a unique wax management program. If you experience buildup, never stick anything in your ear canal as you are likely to make the situation worse. Contact us to schedule an appointment for professional ear cleaning.