Professional Hearing Services


Below are testimonial letters we have received from our beloved patients. You can also check out patient reviews here.



I don’t have the words to describe the change in my life since being fitted with my hearing aids. I am 46 years old and have had a high frequency hearing loss since childhood. I have guessed my way through many conversations over the years, but finally decided that was becoming too difficult and stressful. I finally made an appointment with Ashland Audiology. From that first appointment, Dr. Amy and the staff have been thorough, understanding, enthusiastic, and supportive. My new hearing aids have drastically improved my quality of life. I am more comfortable and confident in my work and at home because of that. Thanks so much.

Jennifer Ledin

After several years of having trouble understanding conversations and at my family’s insistence I visited with Dr. Bill Holzhaeuser to find that I need hearing aids. What a difference they’ve made in my life. My family doesn’t holler at me – television is easier to hear – I don’t feel left out of conversations and telephone conversations are easy to understand. I found Dr. Bill to be kind, knowledgeable, patient, and humorous – a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Dr. Bill for making my life easier, safer and audible.

In appreciation, Shirley

I so appreciate what Bill has done to keep my hearing. I would be so handicapped if I couldn’t have my hearing aids. As I’m Granny Goose at the libraries, I have to talk to the children. They have light voices and so enjoy visiting. Thank you, Dr. Bill, for all the fun I can have as I’m aging.

Dorothy Whiting - Ashland Wi

Since we have been coming to Dr. Bill, we have had very good results. I am receiving excellent benefits with my new hearing aids. We are very happy with the results. Dr. Bill was very thorough and knew just the right king of hearing aids I needed. My wife is very happy too.

Leonard Swanson

When I first met Bill in the early 1990s. I was in need of new hearing aids. Bill has always been very kind, understanding and patient. He is very knowledgeable and always searches for the best possible product for each individual's needs. He also stands behind his products and is only satisfied when his patient is satisfied. He goes the extra mile and I value him greatly.

BJ, Ashland, WI

I was not aware of all the things I was missing until Bill set me up with hearing aids. Thanks for the polite, professional experience. I still enjoy working with you! P.S. My wife especially thanks you also.

Jim Zifko, Ashland

Thanks for the gift of hearing – realizing I never knew my hearing was that bad. Not Anymore – I referred my friend, Ginny, to you. Now she’s getting them in 12 days!

Sandi R.

Dr. Bill is very easy to talk to… he explained my hearing loss so that I can understand. He has a very nice personality. I always feel so happy when I leave his office.

Jeri Vukusich - Ironwood, MI

Dr. Bill has been my audiologist for 8 years. His knowledge of the latest hearing aid technology has helped my hearing tremendously. He is always very supportive and generous with his time.

Marcia H, LaPointe, WI