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3 Ways to Find an Audiologist

audiologist is ready to answer his patient's questions

There are some medical professionals that we see throughout our lives and are familiar to us. Dentists, for example, are visited regularly, as are opticians and primary care doctors. As a result of this familiarity, if you need to look for a new provider, then your experience will help to shape your choice – you know what to expect, and what constitutes the best care. 

Audiologists, however, do not share the same familiarity. While hearing tests are beneficial to anyone of any age, few of us grow up with regular visits to an audiologist as part of our schedule. This means that when we do need to find an audiologist, it can often be for the first time. There’s no established point of reference in our own lives to base your search on. What’s more, audiologist’s offices are nowhere near as prolific as dental clinics or opticians, so you may be less likely to simply notice office near your home. All these factors combine to make finding a good audiologist surprisingly challenging – but there are three ways to simplify the task and ensure you can find the audiologist you need.

The internet 

Most audiology practices will have a website that explains their services and allows you to find more information about the office itself, you should be able to find these sites with a standard search engine or via social media. You should also be able to find reviews for specific audiologist’s office in much the same way – it’s well worth reading reviews where you can find them, as they help to give an idea of the customer experience. 

Friends and family members

If you have a friend or family member who has recently visited an audiologist, then it’s worth asking if they have any recommendations. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this way of finding an audiologist is the personal experience factor. If someone you know and trust is willing to say that they would recommend you visit the same audiologist they did, then there’s a reason they are willing to do that; because they were happy with the service that they received. It naturally follows that if an audiologist is able to provide a good service to one patient, they will be able to provide the same positive experience to you.

Physician referral 

Lastly, you can speak to your primary care doctor and ask them to refer you to an audiologist in your area. 

Most doctors will have at least some experience of working alongside audiologists to manage their patient’s health and well-being. This prior experience means that they can make a recommendation based on their experience and their patient’s feedback. As your doctor will want you to receive the best possible care, so if your doctor refers you to an audiologist, it’s fair to assume they will choose the best audiologist that they know.

The methods above can all help you to find an audiologist, and thus ensure that the health of your hearing is in the best possible hands.