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It may seem strange to you, but the team at Ashland Audiology gets really excited whenever we see new hearing aids and hearing aid technology. It makes our job much easier as we can now provide patients with more advanced and improved hearing aids to treat hearing loss. As an audiologist, we know that choosing your device can be tricky as there are so many options out there. How do you know which ones are better than the rest?

If you’re looking for a new pair of hearing aids – or are just interested in the different styles and features – then we’ve made a list of some of the best hearing aid technology on the market right now:

Bluetooth hearing aids

Bluetooth hearing aids can connect you to loads of other Bluetooth devices at the same time. This means you can stream audio content directly from your iPad, iPhone – or even a Smart TV. It’s an essential feature for anyone who listens to a lot of digital content and is sick and tired of the poor feedback you often get. Bluetooth hearing aids can vastly improve your listening experience when it comes to other devices.

Automatic environmental detection

A lot of the high-end hearing aids come with some type of feature that automatically detects the environment you’re in. Different brands may call this feature something different, but the general idea is that it adapts to different situations. With this feature, you will receive a much better listening experience when indulging in everyday scenarios. It can help adjust the background noises, so they’re not too overbearing while amplifying some of the quieter sounds around you. All in all, it looks to recreate a more natural hearing for you.

Zoom control

Zoom control is a highly sought-after feature in some of the best hearing aids on the market today. One of the drawbacks of a basic hearing aid is that it doesn’t always function well when you’re not facing speakers. With this technology, your device will automatically zoom in on the source of sound even if you’re not facing it. This improves your level of understanding as you can hear with much more clarity. It also stops you from needing to keep twisting your head side to side to point the device in the right direction!

Voice extraction technology

This is another feature that’s usually given a fancy name by the manufacturer. With this technology, you can basically extract a person's voice from a crowded room full of noise. It works similar to zoom control in that your hearing aids zoom in on the person speaking and amplify what they’re saying. This makes it so much easier to hear conversations in noisy environments, meaning you spend less time asking people to repeat themselves.

360-degree speech

Another top feature is the ability to listen to things in the full 360 degrees. When you don’t suffer from hearing loss, you take this ability for granted! But, when you have hearing aids, it’s often difficult to really get the full spectrum of what’s going on around you. But, with the 360-degrees speech feature, you start to hear everything that’s happening in all different directions. Even if you have your back to someone, you can still hear them call out your name!

Tinnitus masking

This is a vital bit of technology for anyone that has severe tinnitus. Your symptoms gradually get worse as your hearing deteriorates. So, tinnitus masking is essential for you as it cancels out the ringing or whistling you always hear. It completely covers it up, meaning you no longer go crazy thinking about the tinnitus every day.

Along with all of these fantastic features, the best hearing aids are also becoming smaller, lighter and more robust. Both behind-the-ear and in-the-ear devices have advanced to the point where they’re so small it’s almost impossible for other people to notice them on you. But they’re also being made with better materials to reduce the chances of them breaking – giving you the best of both worlds.

Understandably, it’s a hard decision when it comes to picking the best hearing aids for you. Which is why we’re here to help you come to the perfect conclusion. Call us today at (715) 682-9311 to book an appointment with an audiologist to conduct a full consultation and hearing exam. From here, we can look at the results and determine which features are essential for you, picking out the best device!