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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus, more commonly known as ringing in the ears is a very common condition affecting 1 out of 6 adults in the U.S. These sounds are not limited to ringing. It is often described as clicking, popping, whooshing, thumping or a combination of these various noises. The actual physical cause of the noise is still unknown, however, we do know that exposure to loud noises and hearing loss itself is a factor in most cases. Extensive research using sound therapy has led to effective tinnitus treatment for most patients.

Tinnitus Treatment: What to Expect

At Ashland Audiology we provide a very thorough tinnitus treatment protocol:

  • Thorough prescreening interview to better understand your tinnitus.
  • Hearing Evaluation: Various medical research studies indicate hearing loss is present in up to 90% of tinnitus cases.
  • Review your evaluation results.
  • Tinnitus Sound Evaluation: Establish baseline to match pitch, loudness, and mask unwanted sounds.
  • Discuss the nature of tinnitus and your tinnitus treatment options.
  • Introduce sound therapy:  By introducing a soothing sound attention can be diverted away from the unwanted sounds
  • Discuss sound device options.
  • Hearing aid fittings, when appropriate, with a device that has a built in sound masker, such as ReSound LiNX2.
  • Discuss expectations: There are no magic bullets, no miracle pills, however following this treatment plan we can provide true tinnitus relief in more than 90% of cases.
  • 2 week and 6 week follow up appointments, followed by quarterly appointments to track progress and make adjustments.

Tinnitus treatment is a process as there is no cure, but by working closely with patients, we can effectively manage tinnitus. If you are bothered by ringing in the ears or other unwanted sounds, call us to schedule a consultation.